"A calm, confident, intuitive mother is inside every female.
She just needs the freedom to BE."
-Chris Anne Johnson,
Founder and Director
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Handling Complaints & Solutions

It is our desire as an association of childbirth professionals to provide parents with the highest quality of care. However, we realize that there may be times that situations arise where parents are not satisfied with the care they received.

Please complete the following steps to file a Solution Request with the MaternityWise Solutions Committee.

Please email your concerns to solutions@maternitywise.com and include all the details of the situation; who was involved, all parties present, the date, time and location of the incident, and what steps have already been taken to resolve the matter if any.

The Solutions Committee will notify the MaternityWise childbirth professional whenever a Solution Request has been received from a family. Once the professional has been notified, they will have 10 days to respond to the complaint with their own account of the situation.

Any documentation or witness contact information must be included in the request by the parents as well as in the response from the professional.

The Solutions Committee will then have 10 business days to discuss the situation, review all the evidence, and provide a suggestion for action. Steps will be taken to come to a fair and impartial judgment and all decisions of the Solutions Committee are final. Once a decision has been reached, all parties will be notified in writing of the outcome and disciplinary steps that will be taken at that point, if necessary.

All members of MaternityWise agree to adhere to this policy. Because the services that childbirth professionals provide to families are contractual between the two parties, any recommendations made by the Solutions Committee are not legally binding. However, should a MaternityWise childbirth professional not complete the recommended action and the family remains unsatisfied, MaternityWise reserves the right to terminate member and certification status of the said childbirth professional. The family also retains their rights to take legal action against the childbirth professional if that becomes necessary.

Currently providing postpartum doula training and postpartum doula certification

We bring the training workshops to you!  Watch for doula training locations near you, or get 5 friends together and we'll put you on the calendar with your own doula training!

Aspring Doulas, find out more about this increasingly
in-demand career.

Families, learn how hiring a certified postpartum doula will benefit you in the first days and weeks with your newborn(s).

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