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EpiDoula® Workshops for Certification!

Who is this course for? This program is for doulas, nurses, midwives, obstetricians, even mothers and their partners or any other labor support companion who wants to enhance their knowledge base and help support mothers who utilize epidural pain relief, to reduce her risk of cesarean.

Cesarean rates are highest among mothers who receive an epidural in labor.  Mothers are requesting epidurals more often than ever.  Women are also opting not to hire a doula, because they believe having an epidural means they will not need support, but it is evident than a mother laboring with an epidural is actually in greater need of specifically skilled support, in order to prevent a cesarean, than a mother without any sort of pain relief.

Here is an article by Henci Goer on Science & Sensibility that we appreciate on the subject: "Epidurals, do they or don't they increase cesareans"

Many doulas have training that is specifically focused on natural, unmedicated childbirth. This is immensely important, but we hear from doulas all the time who don't know how to proceed once a mother chooses an epidural, and it happens sometimes - no matter how much you help a mother to prepare. Sometimes women are induced, or for some other reason end up benefitting from epidural pain relief. Without judgment, we need to recognize the need for specific education on how to support a woman with this kind of intervention.

Through this unique program, MaternityWise provides additional skills specific to the needs of caregivers who serve mothers with epidural pain relief.  This program is for doulas, nurses, midwives, obstetricians, even mothers and their partners or any other labor support companion. There are no pre-requisites, but a basic knowledge of birth-related anatomy/physiology and labor support would be helpful. 

When you've attended the 5 hour, in-person EpiDoula® workshop, you will receive a frame-able Certificate of Completion to compliment all of your other achievements.

This is considered an advanced birth support training certification and provides 10 CEUs toward your MaternityWise recertification process, if you so choose to use it. 

Remember, you do not have to already be a doula to attend as this workshop. It is open to the public and can be used to increase your knowledge and skills in any maternity caregiving role.

This course will provide the following competencies:

  • epidural delay measures - basic support, to get mom "as far as possible" before epidural is accepted

  • comfort measures for mothers who are still feeling pain, while immobilized

  • emotional support for mothers who experience a "disconnect" from their labor

  • supporting mothers who choose epidurals in response to a traumatic experience (current labor / previous event)

  • partner engagement for mothers with an epidural

  • the benefits of epidurals and how to use them to help mothers achieve a vaginal birth

  • the detriments of epidurals in relation to emotional and physical outcomes for mother and baby

  • anatomy and physiology of the laboring body while utilizing epidural pain relief (because there are differences!)

  • belly mapping and hands-on rotation techniques "bedside"

  • optimal maternal-fetal positioning techniques specific to the limitations of epidural immobility

  • basic understanding of fetal heart tone patterns and what baby could be telling us

  • augmenting labor naturally when progress has slowed after epidural placement

  • complications common with epidurals; prevention of, recognition of, assisting and overcoming

The EpiDoula® Program
is completely unique. There is no other program in existence teaching this special skill set. We realize that you want this training brought to your city too. Our trainers will tour the USA first, making stops in all major cities.  Then it will be brought abroad.  If you're interested in bringing this workshop to your city, please contact us.

Certificate Workshop Cost: $225

Upcoming Trainings in Hawaii, Texas and Maryland

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